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Where To Find Us: Spring 2020 Convention Schedule

Where To Find Us: Spring 2020 Convention Schedule

It’s that time again! The spring convention season is nearly upon us, and we have a packed schedule to share with all of you. 

This first half of the year promises to return us to some of our favorite events, and we hope, more time to see all of you in person. (Note: This is just our preliminary schedule. We may be adding a few cons to this list!)

This weekend is our first convention on the schedule - CONsole Room up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CONsole Room is centered solely around Doctor Who and all the aspects of fandom that go with it. It features guests, an art show, painting class, cosplay workshops, fan participation panels, and more. 

You can find CONsole Room at the Hilton MSP Airport/Mall of America Hotel during the weekend of January 17th. If you go, you're surely in for a Whovian good time!

Gallifrey One - the largest Doctor Who convention in the U.S. - really snuck up on our team this year! This convention is always packed with fabulous guests, a myriad of programming, and events that go late into the night. The headlining guest for 2020 is Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. How can you resist that?

If you're heading out to Gally this year, you can expect a large presence from us in the Dealers Room (as usual). This includes our massive Big Finish audios set-up. This year, you'll be able to get free digital downloads with all of your CD purchases. How could you pass that up?

We could never miss C2E2! Entering its 11th year, we have witnessed this convention from start up to its current explosion of programming, A-list guests, selection of vendors, and artists - this con is too big to name all the things we love about it!

Our booth placement for this show will be coming soon. We'll be updating it here once we know. We'll also have  Chicago TARDIS centered giveaways (and maybe even a meetup) like usual.

Planet Comic Con has never disappointed us in the four years we've been attending this convention. Attendees are always happy to see us, and their guest list is always impressive. This year, they're touting Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, as their headliner!

Booth placement for this convention will also be coming soon. We were in a great, centralized location last year, so we're crossing our fingers for a similar set-up.

We've been attending AwesomeCon since the convention's second year, and it's an event we look forward to every spring. Not only do they consistently invite amazing guests, have unique night programming, and fabulous vendors, but they also invite Washington, D.C. locals such as the Smithsonian museums and NASA to be featured on their show floor. As science nerds, we are never underwhelmed by their representation or presentation!

Look for updates and (maybe) some additions to this schedule as we get further into the year. Be sure you've subscribed to our e-mail list, and always feel free to contact us if you're looking for a product you want to see in our booth at any of these cons!